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As an Independent Distributor, your most critical need is administrative support. The accuracy of each order, the shipping and fulfillment detail, and accurate billing and management reports are critical to the success and profitability of each distributor.

The Ampersand Group does it all and frees up valuable time and resources for you to grow your business. Systems software and trained administrative support representatives are in place to assist you in the handling of the daily details of the order process.

  • Account Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Releases
  • Request for Quote
  • Client Quote
  • Crystal Reports Interface
  • Data Retention & Daily Backup of Data
  • Business Class Internet Connection


Our people, our systems and our attention to detail is what differentiates our company from others. Trained Administrative Support Representatives are assigned to assist each member and are available to handle the needs of each member. Back-up representatives are apprised of member specifics and are ready to fill in.

“The Ampersand Group provides state-of-the-art resources and training to position your company for the future.”

Your Administrative Suport Representative is key to the service we deliver. Handling daily processing from our members and our members' vendors is all part of the job. A relationship is built with each member so that if a change or problem is reported, it is handled immediately. We have structured procedures to assure each member has the most professional quality control methods in place.